Bike Tour Small Paris – Klakar

This year, 29th August is the biggest cycotourist event in the region – Small Paris – Klakar!

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This year was agreed cooperation with Embassy of France through Randez – Vous Festival in Croatia. More about Festival You can see here! mpk_randez_vousBecause of that, this year will be in French symbols, and it started with name after famous rally Paris – Dakar.

The main event will be held on 29th August.

There will be several activities:

1. Lecture: Through France by bike with Hrvoje Juric
2. Documentary movie promotion – Bike Adventures of Hlapich and Lima (Stage 1: Toulon)
3. Cool Tour de Brod – cultural bike tour for children and parents
4. Small school of French language
5. Bike Tour Small Paris -Â Klakar






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Until then – cycle, practice, and You can do that with project Bikademy. Cycle around counties in Slavonia and win prizes!


See You on Bike Tour!

Our European friends!

Bike Tour Small Paris – Klakar 2014 was marked by several things: the largest one so far (300 cyclists on tour of 46 km), numerous visitors of Ribafish travelogue, children inclusion (Small cultural bike tour Cool Tour de Brod) and arrival of foreign visitors!

This article is thanks to our European friends who came at Small Paris – Klakar in Slavonski Brod.

How did it start? Last year we met family Rokos (Ljiljana and Borjan) at bike tour who were delighted by organization and they initiated arrival of their friend from Europe. Several people cancelled arrival due other obligations. But others came in Slavonski Brod: Giani Udovicic (France), Christelle Laborde (France), Tamas Soos (Hungary), Piotr Majchrzak (Poland) i Petri Laine (Finland).

We organized tourist guidance for them, they participated in bike tour, they were guests at new radio station Radio92 and they were sailing above our city in glider.

We would like to thank Tourist guide’s society (Vera Pudic), Aeroclub Brod (Filip & co.) and Radio 92.

We thank our friends who came from other countries and we would like to see them next year here!

We also thank to everyone who participated in our cyclotourist project Small Paris – Klakar.

We are preparing new routes, so be ready for new challenges.

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Small Paris – Klakar 2014. – Report

NGO Lima held 5th bike tour Small Paris – Klakar in a row, which was the most visited one so far.

At Friday, Domagoj Jakopovic – Ribafish held a travelogue as entrance in bike tour. It was really relaxed event where ovet 50 visitors participated in lecture with their comments and questions.

Ribafish explained how did he start to travel, he talked about hos favorite travels, unexpected happenings and other travel adventures.

The rest of Gallery You can see HERE.

Saturday brought main event of this project, 5th Bike Tour Small Paris – Klakar. In front of sports hall Brod there was near 300 cyclists. Among visitors, there were foreign tourists which came here just because of this event. Their arrival agreed our friends, family Rokos. Visitors came from Finland, Hungary, France, Italy, Poland and Germany.

The whole trip was 46 km long, and at final destination (Donja Bebrina, Mata) participants were welcomed by traditional musicians with traditional food and beverages.

The rest of Gallery You can see HERE.

Awards were givent to the youngest participant (Juraj Matanovic), the oldest participant (Duro Kneževic), and special award for the great result at World Cup to Dario Ivanagic. Awards were made by our friend and Croatian artist Tihomir Sarajcic!

We thank to all participants! We hope that You had a great time!


Also, we would like to thank all sponsors and donors! Great thanks to our host, Police and media who tracked this event!

We will soon start with other projects, and all activities You can se at our Facebook page.

Ribafish – travelogue

Our guest at Small Paris – Klakar project is well known Croatian traveler, journalist and blogger Domagoj Jakopovic – Ribafish!

Ribafish is our guest for second time in a row and he will speak about his travelings, how did he start to ravel, what did he see, and audience will be able to ask questions freely.

Travelogue will be hold at Dragutin Tadijanovic Memorial Home (Starcevic street) at Friday (29.8.) at 8PM.

Free entrance!



5th Bike Tour Small Paris – Klakar

NGO Lima organizes 5th Bike Tour Small Paris – Klakar this year.

This bike tour id cyclotourist project that promotoes region Slavonija, and tourists abroad announced their arrival.

Start is at Saturday, 30.8. in front of sports hall Brod and bike tour is 46 km long. Final destination is at Mata Kaludjer place in Donja Bebrina (County Klakar) and there will be traditional music, food and beverages.

Day earlier, friday 29.8., at Dragutin Tadijanovic Memorial home, Domagoj Jakopovic – Ribafish (famous Croatian blogger and columnist) will hold travelogue. Beginning is at 8PM.

At Saturday, 6.9. there will be bike tour for children called Cool Tour de Brod (with tourist guide). Start is at 10AM in front of Urban Caffe Mojster.

You are all welcome!


Paris encourages cycling

Slow-speed zones are an increasingly widespread tactic to improve street safety and urban livability. Inspired by a German town that limited motor vehicle speeds to 30 kilometers per hour — or roughly 19 miles per hour — British activists have made 20 mph zones a core street safety policy across the nation.

The movement has begun to catch on in the United States, where New York has been implementing 20 mph zones on neighborhood streets.

The just-elected new Mayor of Paris, Madame Anne Hidalgo, has prepared a revolutionary sustainable mobility project whereby virtually all of the streets of the city will be subject to a maximum speed limit of 30 km/hr.

The only exceptions in the plan are a relatively small number of major axes into the city and along the two banks of the Seine, where the speed limit will be 50 km/hr, and the city’s hard pressed ring road (périphérique) where the top permissible speed has recently been reduced from 80 to 70 km/hr. At the other end of the slowth spectrum are a certain number of “meeting zones” (zones de rencontre) spotted around the city in which pedestrians and cyclists have priority but mix with cars whi

This major policy initiative has not however taken place overnight, since for some years now there has been a steady increase in the number of zones reserved for pedestrians only, and more recently a step-by-step movement to “eco-areas” where top speeds are already limited to 30 km/hr. By 2013 some 560 kilometers of the city streets were already in such areas, about one third of the total.


In Slavonski Brod, Gerhard Ablasser presented traffic strategy of Graz that is similar like examples above.




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